Prints (A3)

19.00 - 49.00
  • Prints (A3)

6 different prints are available
(click SELECT OPTION-button below to choose your print)

the first edition of these prints is limited to 100 copies, each print is signed, stamped, numbered and embossed (please keep in mind that the stamps may be different from the preview-photos, but the variations make the stamps so beautiful, isn’t it?)

print A/C/D/G/H: 2-sided prints*
(4C, 30x42 cm, 300 g/m2, uncoated offset-paper)

print B/E/F: 1-sided print with stamps on back*
(4C, 30x42 cm, 170 g/m2, uncoated offset-paper)

*you find more details and photos here:

1 print: 19 € (plus shipping)
3 different prints: 29 € (plus shipping)
6 different prints: 49 € (plus shipping)

7 € shipping within Germany
11 € for international shipping within EU
18 € for international shipping (e.g. USA)

all prints are shipped in flat shipping cartons

if you have any questions, please let me know!